Belmont Island SMEAC

Belmont Island is a pile of rocks with little vegetation, 15 by 30 feet long, situated on the East River across from the United Nations. The area was under 24-hour surveillance during the Republican Party Convention of 2004. The Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration, Command Control (SMEACC) project combines perception of danger, disobedience, and law enforcement. 

Individual behavior, trying to reclaim the island back into the public domain by raising a flag, is shown in conflict with institutional fear, because of a primal critical instinct against organized dominance and its systematic efforts to controlæ against all forms of structured command and supremacy. The project was documented through a low-light raw video presented to the viewer in a standard military operation format, by way of organizing debriefings: Two Wagner scores were selected from separate periods. The first was composed while under the influenced of the fascist ideas of Schopenhauer, and the second under the more anti-establishment influences of Nietzsche.

By the Dawn's Early Light, 2007