Photo by Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie

Come Rub My Stone

at The Armory Show

I’m very excited to have been invited for the first time to participate in the Armory Show, which will take place on Pier 94 from March 6th through the 10th. If you dig deep enough, every square inch of New York City’s waterfront reveals a history of transgression and shirkers of the law. Pier 94 is no exception.

Photo by Will Star

I created a limited edition print that commemorates one such character, which was available in my booth for the duration of the show. Given the financial exclusivity of most of the works exhibited in art fairs, I decided to give the print away for free. Its exclusivity is of a different nature. The catch was that you have to be willing to wait in line and take the time to print it yourself, on site.

Photo by Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie

No printing experience was required, and not to worry—carefully selected art fair duds wouldn't get dirty.

Naturally, I also exhibited a bunch of works that were expensive as hell, as well as the debut of my wallpaper collaboration with Flavor Paper, entitled Buns, Germs and Seals.

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